Lexicography in India
Part 1:Dictionary Making in Indian Languages: Survery and Prospects

Dictionary Making in Indian Languages : Survey and Prospects Lexicography in Assamese
Maheswar Neog
Requirements and Priorities of Assamese Lexicography
A Survey of Bengali Dictionaries
Kamini Kumar Ray
A Brief Survey of Dictionary Making in Gujarat
A.S. Nagar
Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionaries in Gujarat
Keshavram K. Shastree
Hindi Lexicography Since Independence and its Future
Hardev Bahri
Research Plan for the Production of Dictionaries by Central Institute of Hindi, Agra.
N.V. Rajagopalan
A Brief Survey of Dictionary in Karnataka.
Gurunath Joshi
History of Dictionaries in Kannada with Special Reference to Bilingual Dictionaries
A.S. Kedilaya
Preparation of Kannada-Kannada Dictionary on Historical Principles.
N. Basavaradhya
The Kashmiri Dictionary
S.K. Toshakhani
Report on the Progress of Maithili-English-Hindi Dictionary And Bibliography of Maithili Books
K.K. Mishra
A Note on the Work Undertaken by Marathi Samshodhal Mandal, Bombay.
A.B. Joshi
Dictionary Making in Orissa.
Binode Kanungo
Some Problems of Lexicography
Harkeert Singh
Lexicographical Studies in Sindhi
P.G. Gidwani
Dictionary Making in the Tamil Region
S. Agesthialingom & N. Kumaraswami Raja
Some Suggestions for the Making of New Dictionaries
N. Sanjeevi
Dictionary Making in Telugu
B. Srinivasacharyulu
Part 2: Dictionary Making: Theory and Techniques
The Computer, A Tool for Dictionary Making in India
Susie Andres
Hindi English Collocational Dictionary
Shreeprakash Kurl
Some Problems in Compiling Bilingual Dictionaries
G.N. Reddy
A Note on Compiling Dialect Dictionaries
Har Kirat Singh & Harject Singh Gill
Some Aspects and Problems of Lexicography
N.V. Rajagopalan
Principles and Problems in Lexicography as Developed in the Soviet Union
R.N. Srivastava & R.S. Gupta
The Anatomy of A Dictionary Entry with Samples Propose for A. Marathi-English Dictionary
Ashok R. Kelkar
Dictionaries of Modern Indian Languages : Assessment and Recommendations.
A.R. Kelkar