Muhammad Shahidullah & His Contribution To Bengali Linguistics


Linguistics as a discipline has undergone radical changes since its inception following the pronouncement of William Jones. The emphasis of linguistic enquiry' has shifted in terms of attitude to language. These shifts in their turn have given new insight into language and linguistic analysis. Historical linguistics investigates how and why the language of individuals, a social group or a whole speech-community, develops in respect of its pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Considering Shahidullah's work as a remarkable achievement of historical linguistics, tin attempt has been made to ascertain its relevance at the present time. Though his greatness as a scholar was not limited to any one branch or aspect of linguistics. He was intimately acquainted with much of the vast literature on linguistics and what he once read remained active in his prodigious memory. This reading gave him a profound sense of indebtedness to earlier workers in the field. He would often emphasize the cumulative nature of science, which enables each new generation to begin where the old one left off. But the ties that linked him to his predecessors did not prevent him from exploring new techniques. The primary object of the present work is to highlight his achievements in proper historical perspective. The result of this enquiry throws light on the relevance of historical linguistics in Indian context. The importance and significance of his contribution needs to be re-assessed at the beginning of a new century.


Shahidullah (1885-1969) was the first product of Calcutta University Post-Graduate Department of Comparative Philology. His early interest in languages continued throughout his life. A deep love for the Bengali language was his sterling quality. His publication of an article in the Journal of the Department of letters of the University of Calcutta in 1920, Outlines of the Historical Grammar of the Bengali Language, placed him undoubtedly in the forefront among the leading linguists of his time. And he did it prior to his visits to foreign universities for studies abroad. The topic chosen by him at that time was an untrodden field, It was Shahidullah who showed the way. The article is a compact introductory essay on the principles and application of Historical-Comparative Grammar with special reference to the history and development of the Bengali personal pronouns. He cited different forms of the personal pronouns of Bengali along with other modern Indo-Aryan vernaculars. He further corroborated his evidence by supplying examples from some of the Bengali dialects.


Shahidullah had the rare privilege to prepare his thesis under the guidance of Jules Bloch the greatest wizard of Indo-Aryan linguistics. The thesis, Les Chants Mystiques de Kanha et de Saraha. published from Paris in 1928, is a thorough analytical study of the language of the Dohās. He edited the Aścaryacaryācaya under the title Buddhist Mystic Songs with modern Bengali versions and translations in English and notes. The Buddhist Mystic Songs was reprinted as a book by the Bengali Literary Society of the Department of Bengali of the Karachi University in 1960. It was included in the syllabus of studies of the Universities of Karachi. Dhaka and Rajshahi. The revised edition was published by the Bangla Academy, Dhaka in 1966. This edition deals briefly with the biographical data of the authors of the songs; the grammar of the songs; the syntax of the language; the metre; the social background and the cult and assessment of its value. The English translation of his thesis. Les Chants Mystiques, is awaiting publication by the Asiatic Society, Kolkata.


His Bāngālā Byākaraņ (1935) is the first Bengali grammar by a trained linguistician. In its introduction, he admitted that he was encouraged by the observations of Rabindranath Tagore. Haraprasad Sastri, Ramendra Sundar Trivedi, Jogeshchandra Ray Vidyanidhi and Byomkesh Mustofi. And he embarked on a scheme to write a grammar of Bengali taking into account the facts of the Sādhu as well as the calit variety.


His most significant work, Bāngālā Bhāşār Itivrtta (1965), analysed critically the various theories regarding the origin of the Bengali language. He held that the immediate ancestor of Bengali is not Magadhi Prakrit but Gaudi Prakrit. In his analysis of the grammatical structure of modern Bengali nominal and verbal systems, the colloquial forms have been duly taken into account. It is a much more detailed study than the one published earlier in 1935.


The Pūrba Pākistani Āncalik Bhāşār Abhidhān (1965-1968), edited by Shahidullah, is an outstanding contribution to Bengali dialectology. Nothing to this extent has so far appeared in the Bengali language in India. It will be an indispensable guide for anyone choosing to work on the Bengali dialects for many years to come.


The range of his scholarly interests was very broad. He wrote on a wide variety of subjects. His writings, whatever may be their subject-matter, belonged more to critical analysis than to creative art. They comprised literary appreciation and criticism, education and social problems, political dilemma, philosophy and religion. He had such wide interests and activities that it is difficult to classify him into any of the usual categories. The bibliography of his writings between 1909 and 1965 represents an extra-ordinary range of interests.


His another contribution which he made to linguistic science was to inspire young minds. His career as a University teacher spreads over nearly four decades. His lectures were extremely thorough, highly lucid and up-to-date in presentation of details. It did not only adhere to the main text prescribed for the topic but covered additional ground throwing light on the teacher's original study of the topic. Thus he catered very well to the average students while inspiring the bright ones towards original research. His untiring efforts throughout his service to uplift the standard of teaching and research and on assuming the charge of the Department, to streamline and organise the Department, are principally responsible for the initiation of growth and development of the Department of the Dhaka University. He ranks high among the great builders of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) by his inspiring work as a teacher and his contribution as a research scholar of the highest caliber.


He was a good conversationalist and a prompt and regular correspondent. He had good leadership qualities and could easily play the dominant role in committee meetings. His arguments and discussions in such meetings were always supported by logic, reliable data and generally led to valid, acceptable conclusions. As chairman of several committees, Shahidullah displayed a remarkable ability in summing up the views of the participating members and to draft the final report himself. He had the knack and patience to discuss all the points threadbare and ultimately to arrive at a compromise statement which was generally acceptable to all.


In many ways, Shahidullah, the man, was more interesting and there were not many like him in the academic field. He was a man of principles with progressive views and he scrupulously followed the motto of plain living high thinking. He hailed from a highly religious family with a long history and noble tradition. He believed that religion is the highest value of life because it emphasizes unity and love for all beings. His religion was thus an essential part of his being and influenced every aspect of life. He had respect for other religions. His staunch religious fervour did not stand in any way eulogizing Sricaitanyadeba as the best Bengali. His own experience of religious discrimination was far from happy. As a Muslim student he was not allowed to continue his M.A. studies in the Department of Sanskrit of the University of Calcutta. But he had never made any issue of it. It speaks volumes of his character as a man.








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