Foreword [D.P.Pattanayak]
Preface [Jawaharlal Handoo]
Introduction [Peter J.Claus]
Frames ,Tale Types and Motifs:The Discovery of Indian Oicotypes [Brenda E.F.Beck]
Structural Analysis of a Bengali Folksong [Mazharul Islam]
The Chamak Proverbs:An Ethno-Structural Introduction [Dulal Chaudhuri]
The Relevance of South Asian Folklore [A.K. Ramanujan]
Performance as Paradim:A rhythm in a Tamil Oral Tradition [Stuart Blackburn]
Folk Hero in a Tribal Society [Sitakant Mahapatra]
Folklore as Mass Media:An Introduction [Trilochan Pande]
Folk APintings of Assam:Tradition and Change [Birendranath Datta]
Cenne(Mancala) in Tuluva Myth and Cult [Peter J. Claus]
The World of Teyyam:Myth and The Message [Jawaharlal Handoo]